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Sir Jonathan North College

Year 7 Parent Information

Below are frequently asked questions from parents during the transition period.  

What are the term dates for this year?

Click here to view the College Term Dates. 

What will happen on her first day at College? 

Start of term

Term starts for students on the 29 August 2019. Registration for Year 7 students is at 8.30 am so girls should be on site at about 8.20 am. On the first morning, students should go straight to the Main Hall.

Induction Day

On the first day of the school year your child will be doing some induction activities to ensure that she gets to know the other students in her tutor group and is well prepared to start work and clearly knows what is expected of her. She will start her normal timetable of lessons on the 30 August 2018.

What time does she need to arrive on the first day? 

Term starts for students on the 29 August 2019. Registration for Year 7 students is at 8.30 am so girls should be on site at about 8.20 am.  On the first morning, students should go straight to the Main Hall.

When will taught lessons begin? 

On the first day of the school year your child will be doing some induction activities to ensure that she gets to know the other girls in her tutor group and is well prepared to start work and clearly knows what is expected of her. She will start her normal timetable of lessons on the 30 August 2019.

Who can I contact if I have a query? 

Your child's tutor is the main point of contact for parents, students and staff. Any more serious concerns should be directed to the Pastoral Leader who can also discuss any issues about your daughter and her school career. The Pastoral Leader will liaise with the Senior Leadership Team as appropriate. If you would like to see a member of staff, it is helpful if you contact the College first by telephone or email and make an appointment.  All teachers, including Progress Leaders, have lessons during the day and may not be available to meet with you immediately.

What reports will I receive about my child's progress? 

Formal contact is made four times during Year 7.  There is a Year 7 Parents’ Evening in the first term where you will meet with your child's tutor.  There is also another Year 7 Parents’ Evening in the third term when you will have the opportunity to make an appointment with your child's subject teachers.  Your child may attend these meetings if you wish. You will receive a brief progress report in the first term, which will reflect your child's progress and effort.  A more detailed report will be sent home with your child during the summer term. You are welcome to contact teachers in College if you would like to discuss your child's progress.

What is the College policy on mobile phones and valuables? 

Students can have mobile phones in school, but they must be switched off and kept at the bottom of their bag. However, your child does not need a phone during the school day as in the event of an emergency their Progress Leader can give permission for her to use a phone at school.  If you need to contact your child in an emergency, a message can be relayed to her via the Main Office. If a student’s phone is seen or rings during a lesson it will be confiscated and stored in the College safe for collection at the end of the school day.  Parents will be notified by letter if this happens. Students who have their phone confiscated three or more times will not be able to collect their phone. A parent will need to collect the phone from reception on their behalf.

Students should not carry large sums of money at school or other valuables such as iPods. Jewellery should not be worn.  It may not be possible to investigate the loss of a valuable item, due to limited resources and your daughter is responsible for their belongings at all times.

Attendance and Punctuality 

What are the attendance and punctuality expectations? 

The morning session begins at 8.30am. Please ensure that your child is always on time for registration. It is expected that students will achieve between 96% and 100% attendance, although, clearly there would be exceptions in the case of a genuine serious illness. If your child is ill, please contact the College to tell us and keep us informed if the illness lasts more than 2 or 3 days. If you have not contacted the office, it is likely that you will be phoned or receive a text about your child's absence. A note should be written to your child's tutor explaining any absence and brought in on the day of their return. The school phone number is  0116 270 8116.

Uniform and Equipment

What uniform does she need to wear? 

Dear Parent/Carer,

The dress code is under review and is subject to change from August 2020 but please use the link below for our current dress code.

Sir Jonathan North

What equipment does my daughter need to bring to school? 

The Basic Essentials

She will need to have these with her every day:

  • Two pens, pencils, rubber, a 30cm ruler, glue stick, felt tips and pencil sharpener will be needed for many lessons.
  • A strong school bag in which to carry books and equipment.
  • Dinner money to load onto her card. If your daughter has to bring money to school she should wear a purse with a shoulder strap that can be worn under a jumper or a zipped money belt.

What equipment or books do I need to buy? 

The following is a list of items that you will need to provide for your daughter, in addition to the basic essentials:

English – A thesaurus, highlighter, red, black and green biro pens, scissors and glue stick are essential items to use during lessons.

Mathematics – A pair of compasses, a protractor and a basic calculator.

Science – A basic calculator (same as for maths), green biro pen, coloured pencils and glue stick.

Humanities – Coloured pencil crayons, glue stick, red and green biro pens.

Expressive Arts – Students will need to bring their PE kit for dance lessons. An A3 sketchbook is essential and must be brought from the College for £4.50. This should last her for the majority of Key Stage 3. Pencils (2B and 4B), pencil eraser and pencil crayons are needed for Art.

Food Technology – Students will cook on alternate weeks. We provide ingredients for practical lessons at £2.00 per student. Students may bring all of their own ingredients into school for practical lessons. 

Textiles Technology – Students will complete two designs and make projects during each rotation. Materials (fabric, beads etc.) can be purchased from the school. Students can bring their own materials and components into school to use. We also provide some free materials to students from donations made by local companies.

Electronics – Students complete one project per rotation. Students need to purchase electronic components for their project work (circuit boards etc). In Year 7 this is £1.50 and Years 8 and 9 it is £3 - £5. 

Resistant Materials – Students complete three designs and make projects in Year 7 which cost £2 in total. In Years 8 and 9 students complete one longer project which costs £2 per student. Students can also purchase various components to embellish their projects.

PE Kit - A plain white t shirt or polo shirt, black shorts/tracksuit bottoms, white socks and sports trainers (pumps, Converse and Vans are not acceptable). A plain black sweatshirt (no zips or buttons). Thick black sports leggings only for aerobics/trampolining/gymnastics/health and fitness/fitness activities/dance are optional. Hair bands must be supplied by the students and hair should be tied back.

What will my child need for PE lessons?

The College PE Kit should consist of the following: a plain white t shirt or polo shirt, black shorts/tracksuit bottoms, white socks and sports trainers (pumps, Converse and Vans are not acceptable). A plain black sweatshirt (no zips or buttons). Thick black sports leggings only for aerobics/trampolining/gymnastics/health and fitness/fitness activities/dance are optional. Hair bands must be supplied by the students and hair should be tied back.

All clothing and belongings should be clearly marked with your child’s name.

ALL jewellery must be removed and placed in the valuables box at the beginning of PE and dance lessons for safety reasons. Any valuables must also be placed in this box and not left in the changing rooms. Any new piercings are advised to be done in the first week of the summer holidays to ensure that they can be removed for their first PE lesson at the College .  It is the students’ responsibility  to  take out  their earrings and put them back in at the beginning and end of each lesson.  Taping over of jewellery is NOT permitted due to new Health and Safety guidelines.


How will my childget to College? 

Many students take a bus or walk to school. Please contact Arriva for information about bus routes and times.  The phone number of their ‘Travel Line’ is  0871 2002233 and for Confidence Buses 0116 2762171.

Students may use a bicycle to get to school. There are bicycle racks available. You will need to supply your own lock and chain to secure the bicycle. Students must wear a bicycle helmet for their own safety.

If you choose to drive your child to and from school, please be aware that the staff and visitor car park or school drive should NOT be used for dropping off or collecting your child or turning your vehicle around.  This is to ensure student safety. Students should be collected away from the school entrance. Students must use the traffic lights for crossing the road. Please refrain from blocking the school entrance, parking on yellow lines, double parking or blocking the driveways of residents on Knighton Lane East.


What are the behaviour expectations of the College? 

Behaviour expectations are made very clear to all students.  The SJNCC Positive Behaviour Code is displayed in every classroom and all students are expected to follow it. Normal procedure is that if a student chooses not to follow the rules or a teacher’s instructions she will be removed from that lesson and will work at the back of another classroom on the first few occasions. You will be notified either by phone or by letter when this happens and the student may be placed on report. If there is a sixth incident, she will have an internal exclusion, working in supervised isolation from 10.30am until 4 pm in the Inclusion Centre. If she is removed from lessons seven times, she will be given a fixed term exclusion. 

It is important to note that very few students are removed from lessons. Most students end up being eligible for rewards. If a student is finding it difficult to follow the School Behaviour Code, we will support her and work with parents to improve her behaviour. 

Students are expected to enter classrooms quietly, settle quickly, remove coats, have the correct equipment and follow all instructions. 


Bullying in any form is not tolerated at College. Any concerns should be directed to the Progress Leader as soon as possible. Students can also attend FABAD (Friends Against Bullying and Discrimination) lunchtime club. 

What are the rewards for positive behaviour? 

Sir Jonathan North College is a school that recognises success and rewards good behaviour.  Key Stage 3 students are awarded merits for good work in lessons. Students record their merits in their planners and once they have accumulated enough merits they receive certificates. In order to receive certificates, students have to earn the following numbers of merits:






Bronze Certificate

Silver Certificate

Gold Certificate

Platinum Certificate


Students are also awarded certificates for attendance each term.

95% - 96.9%

97% - 99.9%


100% with no lates

Bronze Certificate

Silver Certificate

Gold Certificate

Platinum Certificate

At the end of each term, every student’s attendance, punctuality and behaviour will be reviewed. Those students who meet the reward criteria are eligible for the end of term reward event.  The Progress Leader will organise a reward event appropriate to the year group.


What is the College’s Safeguarding policy? 

Information on Safeguarding can be found by clicking here.

What if my daughter is taken ill at College? 

A First Aid Officer is available to deal with any emergency medical concerns that arise during the day.  She is available in the medical room during break time. In the case of a medical emergency, your child will need to report to student reception who will then contact the First Aid Officer. If your daughter is judged to be too unwell to remain at College, we will contact you (or the named person on the contact form) and arrange for your daughter to be collected. It is important, therefore, that if you change your address or telephone number, you let us know immediately. The school is unable to give pain killers.  If your daughter is likely to need to take some during the day, she should carry 2 tablets with her.

How can the College support with ongoing with medical conditions? 

Please ensure that you have informed the school in writing about any health issues or concerns. Please do not rely on information automatically being transferred from the Primary Schools as on occasion there might be a delay in the transfer of files.  Most children with medical needs can attend school regularly and take part in normal activities, sometimes with some support. However, staff may need to take extra care in supervising some activities to make sure that these children, and others, are not put at risk.

Your child is allowed to bring medication into College. If your child requires medicines to be kept on the school site please contact the SENCO, Ms Pinger, at the College. She will arrange to meet with you and produce a General Care Plan which requires your signature. We will ask you to provide full information about your daughter’s medical needs, including details of medicines that your child may require.  All medication e.g. spare epi pens, spare inhalers should be handed in to the First Aid Officer for safe-keeping. Please note the expiry date and supply replacements as necessary.

Can I take my child to a medical appointment? 

Students are not allowed to leave the College during the day unless a note is brought from home in advance. We ask you to make doctor’s and dentist’s appointments outside College hours where this is possible.  If your child needs to go to a medical or dental appointment during the day, she must have a note from you, which will be signed by her Progress Leader so she can obtain a pass from the office. We can only issue passes on receipt of a letter from home.

Can my child use a water bottle during lessons? 

Students are allowed to have a clear bottle of drinking water with them during lessons. They must keep the bottle in their school bag during lessons like Science and ICT for health and safety reasons. Bottles must be clear and have a “sports bottle” type top.  Drinking water is also available at school. Bottles can be filled before school, after school and during break and lunchtimes only.

 Lunch and Break times

What are the College lunchtime arrangements? 

Students may choose between a packed lunch and a school dinner.   Some students are entitled to a free school meal. You may also give your daughter written permission to go home for lunch – although this is not encouraged in Year 7 as there are many lunchtime activities for them to participate in and make new friends. When a parent gives his/her child permission to go home for lunch they will need to take responsibility for her during this time and ensure that they arrive promptly for lesson 5 at 1.45 pm. Students are not allowed to spend lunchtimes on Knighton Lane East, they must move away from the school area for the whole of lunchtime. Students who abuse this privilege may have their permission to go off site for lunch withdrawn.  Any changes to your daughter’s dining arrangements must be made in writing and handed in to her tutor.

Can my daughter receive Free School Meals? 

Students who are entitled to a free school meal should collect the appropriate form from reception or online. It is the responsibility of parents to claim for free school meals. The school does not deal with free school meal claims. You will therefore need to ensure that your application is made and your entitlement assured before the start of the school year. Late applications will mean that your daughter will not be able to receive a free school meal until the Local Authority have processed and authorised your claim.

What supervision do the students have at break and lunchtime? 

There are teachers on duty around the school during break time.  During lunch there are lunchtime supervisors on duty. Year 7s will be allowed to access the dining hall 10 minutes before the rest of the College.  Students are not allowed in the school building during lunchtime and break time unless it is raining. Students are allowed to collect library passes for break and lunchtimes.

What lunchtime or after-school clubs can my daughter get involved in? 

There are many lunchtime and after school clubs and activities that your daughter can attend. The PE faculty has a range of sporting clubs which your daughter can join and many sports teams that play fixtures against other schools. Expressive Arts offers the opportunity to take part in the Choir or attend Digital Art club amongst others.  A timetable will be issued of all extra-curricular activities shortly after the start of the Autumn Term.  The 2019/2020 programme will be published to all tutor groups in the first few weeks of term through the student bulletin and read out during morning registration every morning. You can view the timetable on the Extra-Curricular Information page.  Other places where your daughter can look are the subject notice boards and by speaking to subject staff. Most activities are free and are open to everyone.  Additional visits or workshops may have cost implications, which will be made clear. 

Curriculum information

How can I find out about the subjects my child is studying?

Curriculum information is found on the Curriculum page.  If you require further information please email the College. 

What trips and visits will my child be going on? 

Students will have the opportunity to go on a number of visits during their five years at Sir Jonathan North. During Year 7, students will participate in an Outdoor Activities Day. They will also have the chance to be involved in humanities trips. At the end of the year, all students who have behaved well and have good attendance and punctuality will earn the opportunity to go on a day trip as a reward for their efforts.  Students might also be invited to go on a trip as a part of their year group reward system. Many trips and visits require that parents/carers make a voluntary contribution in order that they can proceed.

Will my child be taking part in swimming lessons? 

All Year 7s will take part in swimming during PE for half a term.  There will be a nominal charge for this. As with all subjects, swimming is a part of the National Curriculum and, as such, is not optional.  All students will be expected to take part, as with all lessons. Students are expected to wear their own swimming costume. In some cases, students may wish to wear leggings and a long sleeve t-shirt over the swimming costume. We try to ensure that the swimming pool environment is female only and changing room facilities include individual cubicles.

Is there a Learning Resource Centre (Library) that my child can use? 

Your child will take part in a library lesson once a week during Year 7.  She will be allowed to read, change books etc before school from 8.15 am, at break and lunchtimes. If your child wishes to access the Learning Resource Centre, a pass will need to be collected on the morning of the day that she wants to go in and will need to be handed in when she enters the LRC. Your daughter may also use the LRC after school until 3.30 pm. There are no charges to use the resources available. She will need to use her Student ID card to take out a book.

What homework can my child expect to receive? 

In Year 7 your child should spend about 20 minutes on each subject. She will have 2-3 subjects per night and she will record the work set in her planner.

Parents will be provided with an online login for SMHW an app which will be used for setting homework and notifications. 

The learning mentors run homework clubs twice a week, once after school and once during lunch. Your daughter should consult her tutor for more details.

Can my child have instrumental lessons? 

As peripatetic music provision in the city is no longer provided by the council, the Governing Body has reviewed the provision at Sir Jonathan North College. We are pleased to advise parents that instrumental lessons will continue at the College with tuition provided by music tutors and that there is a small subsidy available for the academic year 2019 - 2020. 

If you require further information, please contact Mrs Glynn, Curriculum Team Leader for Expressive Arts on 0116 2708116 or email

Supporting your child

Is there support for English as a second language? 

Appropriate support is provided by the Skills for Learning, Skills for Life Team.

Will my child have Year 10 Student Mentors? 

Your child will have met her Student Mentors, a small group of Year 10 girls, at the induction day in July. They have been trained to be available to offer any support and guidance that your daughter may want.  Student mentors will visit tutor groups once a week for the first half of the Autumn Term. They will lead discussions on a variety of topics relevant to transition into Year 7.  Students can arrange to meet their Student Mentors as few or as many times as they choose.

Will my child have a Learning Mentor? 

Rasila Sidpara is the learning mentor responsible for Year 7 transition. Primary schools have already identified students who they feel will benefit from extra support at the start of Year 7.  If you feel that your child is struggling to settle or would benefit from some extra support for another issue, please discuss this with your child's tutor or Pastoral Leader.