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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College

Travel and Tourism


“Travel and Tourism is a subject where you can learn about beautiful destinations, also you learn about how the travel and tourism industry work. It allows you to explore the world through research.”

Lamia Year 11

“Travel and Tourism made me realise that I would like to take up a job in the Travel and Tourism Industry.”

Rhea  Year 11

“The tasks given to us were eye-opening opportunities and made me think about the work that travel agents do in the real world.”

Rhea  Year 11

Travel and Tourism at Sir Jonathan North offers students a vocational, work-related subject focusing on one of the fastest growing industries in the UK. The BTEC qualification allows students to work on individual assignments which take them out into the local community using local business links, guest speakers and visits to local travel and tourism organisations to collect their research. In class students may also work in small groups to make use of tourist information centres, the internet, brochures, advertisements, specific attractions and holiday destinations. This small group work develops their team work and communication skills which are essential in this industry.

Throughout the course teachers use a mixture of classroom and computer lessons as well as visits to local Travel and Tourism attractions to engage and inspire students. Three of the units of study require the completion of a piece of coursework and this will be done during these lessons. Coursework requires students to gain at least a pass mark. In addition to the coursework students have a one hour written examination. Final grades are pass, merit or distinction. 

After studying at Sir Jonathan North, there are clear progressive routes through to A-levels or BTEC in this subject. Alternatively it gives students a good initial basis to begin a career in this area. There are many career prospects either working in the UK or abroad for example in hotels, travel agencies, at airports, or in holiday resorts.

Programme of Study

Year 10

  • Autumn 1 - UK Travel and Tourism Destinations and Gateways
  • Autumn 2 - The Appeal of UK Tourism destinations for different types of visitors
  • Spring 1 - Planning UK holidays to meet the needs of different visitors
  • Spring 2 - Major International Travel and Tourism destinations and Gateways
  • Summer 1 - The appeal of international travel and tourism destinations to different types of visitors
  • Summer 2 - Planning International Travel to meet the needs of visitors

Year 11

  • Autumn 1 - The UK Travel and Tourism sector and its importance to the UK economy
  • Autumn 2 - The industries and key organisations within the Travel and Tourism sectors, their roles and interrelationships
  • Spring 1 - The role of consumer technology in the Travel and tourism sector
  • Spring 2 - How climate and worldwide time can affect the appeal of worldwide destinations
  • Summer 1 - Influential factors on worldwide travel and tourism destinations
  • Summer 2 -

Useful Resources

The ideal source of information is the core textbook that students use in both years, which contains everything needed for all units.

Unfortunately, the College does not have enough copies to lend each student a textbook. The textbook ‘Travel and Tourism’ (2013 ISBN: 9781446906279) can be purchased from Pearson, Amazon or EBay.

Top Tips

Encourage your daughter to do the following:

  • Read a factual newspaper
  • Watch the news daily
  • Watch any programmes related to travel on the BBC, ITV, Channel Four and Channel Five
  • Collect any leaflets or brochures for any places visited and bring them into College where they can be used by all students.

Any holidays or day visits your family makes will help your daughter with this course. This includes any holidays abroad.