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Sir Jonathan North Community College

Sir Jonathan North Community College

This Week's Notices

It is important to us that parents are kept up to date with notices from the College.  Please check here each week for important information about your daughter and the College. 

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From the Principal 

We highly value the feedback that we receive from parents and carers as this helps us to review and improve our provision and practice. This year we are again providing our whole college parent/carer questionnaire online. You can access this on your mobile phone or computer via the college website. The survey will only take 3-4 minutes to complete. Please can I ask you to take time to complete this by Monday 25 June 2018. Click here to access the survey.


Alison Merrills


Principal Awards 

The students below have been nominated as this week’s Principal Award winners:

Shanade - Year 7.3

Alessandra - Year 7.4

Tasneem - Year 7.6

Rachel - Year 8.4

Bindiya - Year 8.8

Megan - 9.4

Eithar - 9.6

Stars of the Week 

With 100% attendance and no late marks last week, our Stars of the Week are:

Millie - Year 7.7

Dania - Year 8.5

Sophie - Year 9.6

Muskan - Year 10.1

Jasmine - Year 10.7

Stars of the Month 

D&T ‘Star of the Month’ Student Awards for May 2018

We are proud to announce our Design and Technology student stars to shine for May 2018! Girls will be awarded a certificate for their record of Achievement and an exclusive ‘star award’ badge to wear. Students have been selected because they have produced outstanding work in one of the Design and Technology subjects. May 2018 awards go to:



KS3 Engineering/Electronics (Mr Mander)

Olive 7.1

Tasmin 7.6

Ammarah 8.7

Aakifah 8.3

KS3 Graphics (Mr Mander)

Bhakti 9.7

Mahek 9.5

KS3 Product Design/ Resistant Materials

Azza 7.8

Emily 8.3

Safiyyah 9.2

KS3 Fashion & Textiles

Hanna 9.6

Hana 9.3

Raiyyan 9.3

Bhakti 9.7

KS3 Food & Nutrition

Sharo 9.7
KS4 Graphic Products (Mr Mander)

Zoe 11.6

Kia 11.10

Olivia 11.6

KS4 Resistant Material

Safiyah 10.1

Jagoda 11.8

KS4 Fashion & Textiles

Molly 10.6

Shannon 10.6

Spotlight on Year 11 

Dear Parent/Carer

We would like to thank you for encouraging and supporting your child to attend the May half term revision sessions.  Over 170 Year 11 students attended the Maths ‘Walking Talking Mock’, with many others arranging to collect the predictive paper. The students who attended were extremely positive about the positive impact it made on paper two, and our staff could not speak highly enough about the exemplary behaviour and fantastic attitude to learning of all students during the sessions.

Following this successful revision session, we have decided to deliver another ‘Walking Talking Mock’ for the Maths paper 3. All students are invited to attend the paper 3 prediction session this Saturday. The session will run from 9:30 am to approximately 12 pm.  It is important that your daughter arrives promptly. It is assumed that your daughter’s attendance comes with your permission and that your emergency contact details will be the ones we have on record. The session will undoubtedly impact positively on students’ GCSE mathematics result.

Students are now working on their reduced timetable.  In summary, we expect all students to attend lessons for the subjects for which they have not yet completed exams. Students are not expected to be in school if they do not have an exam, or they have lessons for subjects they have now finished. We also expect them to wear full college dress whenever they are in college.

Our last whole school exam is on Friday 15 June. This is likely to clash with the Eid al-Fitr festivities. External exams will continue as scheduled and the awarding bodies will give no consideration for absence due to religious observance.

Best wishes


Mrs King

Assistant Principal

 School term and holiday dates for 2018 – 2019

As we look forward to the next academic year, we take this opportunity to remind you that the dates for the 2018-19 school year were published on the College website in October 2017.  Please note that Leicester City and Leicestershire County holiday dates are not exactly the same next year

Mrs Evans

Head of School

County Athletics Finals

Congratulations to the following students who participated on Saturday at Saffron Lane at the County Athletics Finals

Year 8 - Rachel 1st 2km walk

Year 8 - Alex 2nd 2km walk

Year 7 - Olive 2nd 2km walk

Year 10 - Yasmin 2nd Javelin

Year 7 - Jasmin 3rd  2km walk

Year 7 - Chloe 3rd shot put

Year 9 - Amanda 3rd 200m

Year 7 - Alessandra 4th discus

Year 8 - Abigail 4th HJ

Year 10 - Jordan 4th TJ

Year 8 - Emma 4th Discus

Year 8 - Hanifah 5th Shot put

Year 7 - Relay 5th

Year 7 - Chela 7th HJ

Year 10 - Naomi 8th 1500m

Year 8 - Faith 11th 800m


There were some excellent performance and new personal bests!

PE team


Planetary Scientist Inspires our Students

Students at Sir Jonathan North Community College today were fortunate to listen to an inspiring and very interesting talk from Professor Suzanne Imbers. Suzanne is a Planetary Scientist at the University of Leicester and was the winner of the 2017 BBC Two television program ‘Astronauts: Do You Have What It Takes?’.

Students learnt about some of the projects that Suzanne has worked on including space weather and how to predict severe space weather. Severe space weather would result in no power for weeks or months, GPS and mobile phone failure. At the moment scientists are only able to predict this two days in advance.

In addition, Suzanne has also worked on the BepiColompo mission which is to launch to Mercury in 2018. The x-ray telescope will capture x-rays emitting from Mercury to work out what Mercury is made of. The telescope will not reach Mercury for 7 years, so expected arrival will not be until 2025.

Recently Suzanne was contacted to take part in a BBC2 TV series ‘Astronauts: Do you have what it takes?’. Here she took part in an astronaut training programme which tested lots of different skills from hovering a helicopter for 15 minutes to being submerged in a capsule under water and trying to remain calm.



Suzanne with Commander Hadfield who was the judge of the TV series.


Such an inspiring talk. Thank you to Suzanne Imbers for taking time out to engage with our students.

Jane Shearer

Science Team

The 2018 Reading Rampage Celebration Event

Leicester’s Reading Rampage ended last Thursday with a grand awards ceremony at the Leicester Tigers Stadium and 16 of our Year 7s were lucky enough to attend this exciting event. Nine of the authors on the Reading Rampage list were present including Tamsin Winters who won the author award for her book ‘Being Miss Nobody’. (If you haven’t read it, you should as it was our favourite). Our students had a spectacular time at the event playing games, quizzes and meeting the authors. Here is a quote from Angel,

"It was a once in a lifetime experience for me!! Meeting well experienced, kind hearted writers who, I believe, change people's lives with a book that they put all their time and effort into was wonderful. Meeting the writers and reading their books was a dream come true."

A special mention also needs to go to Alessandra who received a student award because she was so enthusiastic about the challenge and attended all of the lunchtime activities linked to the Reading Rampage. She is an avid reader, energetic, full of recommendations and is always discussing what she likes with the librarian. Her favourite book was ‘Through the Woods’ by Emily Carroll of which she says, ‘It was like reading a really modern twist on a fairy tale of Red Riding Hood and Cinderella combined, very dark and creepy with some beautiful illustrations. I love reading as it takes me to many different worlds and universes.’


Ms Vyas (librarian) and Ms Morris (English teacher)

Year 7 Lunchtime Arrangement

As our Year 11 begin their GCSE exams on Monday, they will now be able to access the dining hall 10 minutes before the rest of the College at 12.55 pm. This is to allow students the time to prepare fully for afternoon GCSE exams. This will mean that from Monday 14 May, Year 7 students will now go to the dining hall at 1.05 pm at the end of lesson 4. We wish our Year 11 the best of luck in their upcoming exams.

Mr Hartley

Assistant Principal

Safeguarding Snippet

The National online Safety created this FREE guide for schools to share to its community about ‘Screen Addiction’ – an issue which is affecting young people across the globe. This guide informs parents about the issues associated with smartphone and screen addiction amongst children and how they can help to control the associated risks and stop their children becoming ‘Screen Zombies’.


App updates from National On-line Safety in May 2018

  • Instagram - Anti-bullying filter: Instagram announced on 1st May that they now have an ‘anti-bullying’ filter on the app. The new filter hides comments containing attacks on a person’s appearance or character, as well as threats to a person’s well-being or health. The filter will also alert Instagram to repeated problems so they can take action on the user if necessary.
  • Instagram - In-app payments: Instagram is rolling out in-app payments for products and services directly through the app. It will operate under the same rules as Facebook Payments, which state if you are under the age of 18, you can only use Facebook Payments with the involvement of a parent or guardian.
  • WhatsApp - Age restriction change: Due to the new terms and conditions and updates to the privacy policy in May, users could only access their messages once they have confirmed that they are 16 or older (previously 13+). The changes were effective from 25th May.
  • Snapchat - Unskippable adverts: The app is testing 6 second unskippable adverts in its ‘Discover’ section. At the moment, the unskippable ads do not appear in a users stories or personal snaps, only in the commercial section.
  • YouTube - Music Streaming service: YouTube launched a music streaming service on the 22nd May in 5 countries including the U.S. The service costs around £7.40 p/m. The service is said to come to Europe “soon”.
  • YouTube Kids - Proposed updates implemented: In our April newsletter, we mentioned that YouTube Kids announced a change to their app which would mean people (not computers) would check videos and decide if they will be available for children to watch on the app. This change came into effect on 10th May, creating a safer platform for children to view videos.


FREE 'Yubo' guide download!

Ever heard of the app called 'YUBO'? Formerly called ‘Yellow’, the platform is being dubbed ‘Tinder for Teens’ - allowing users to swipe through others profiles and contact them. . Here's our FREE Parents' Online Safety Guide on the Platform.


Mrs Mason

Student Support Manager

Puzzle of the Week (POW) – Week Beginning 4 June

Dear All,
Please find the next POW attached. It’s tricky!!  Please remind winners to collect their chocolate from myself – my office is next to the maths office.

Have lots of frustrating fun with this one!