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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College

This Week's Notices

It is important to us that parents are kept up to date with notices from the College.  Please check here each week for important information about your daughter and the College. 

To view previous editions of This Week's Notices please click here.

From the Principal

It has been lovely to meet so many parents at Parents Evenings over the course of this term.  The feedback you have provided will be analysed and targets set so that we can address any issues raised. 

In regards to the consultation related to the college dress code and in light of feedback received, we will be holding a parents forum on the 11th April at 5.00 at the college. The Chair of Governors and I look forward to seeing you then.


Rose Angus


Principal Awards

The students below have been nominated as this week’s Principal’s award winners. You will gain 50 points for this achievement – Well done!

  • Katy  7.3
  • Laura  8.5
  • Fairouz  8.9
  • Emilia  9.2

Stars of the Week

With 100% attendance and no late marks last week, our Stars of the Week are:

  • Ella  7.1
  • Hajar  8.2
  • Hanifah  9.2
  • Mia  10.5
  • Tawakait  10.1
  • Melissa  11.7
  • Grace  11.6

Design and Technology Star of the Month

D&T ‘Star of the Month’ Student Awards for  March 2019

We are proud to announce our Design and Technology student stars to shine for March 2019! Girls will be awarded a certificate for their record of Achievement and an exclusive ‘star award’ badge to wear. Students have been selected because they have produced outstanding work in one of the Design and Technology subjects.  March 2019 awards go to:


Food Nutrition and Preparation

Year 11 - Dezhane

Year 10 - Katie

Year 9 - Faith

Year 8 - Safiyah

Year 7 - Kahlan

Product Design

Year 11 - Sant

Year 10 - Fiza

Year 9 - Kamila

Year 8 - Maiyah

Year 7 - Medeleine

Fashion and textiles

Year 11 - Saima

Year 10 - Umaimah

Year 9 - Harpreet

Year 8 - Karolina

Year 7 - Grace

New New Year 7 Tea Party

We would like to invite you to our New Year 7 Tea Party on Wednesday 1 May at 4:30 - 5:30 pm.

Bookings will be available from Monday 1 April via the Ticket Source link below. We look forward to seeing you there.


Book now


Event listing QR code:


Selina Jones

Assistant Principal

New College Leicester Cycle Track

On Wednesday 10th April 2019 we took the Year 7 and 8 Cycling team to New College Leicester Cycle Track where they had to take part in 2 events; Italian pursuit and Cycle-Cross. We won the Italian pursuit with a time of 6.37 and the Cycle-Cross in 11.48.  We beat all the other teams by a whole lap! Overall we won the whole event with our times combined. It was a great achievement considering our team was only girls and they were competing against teams of boys and girls.


Well done to all the girls who took part: Laura, Olive (Year 8), Lucy, Mandela, Alicia, Esme, Phoebe (Year 7).


Adele Roberts

PE Team


Data Protection and Privacy

The Lionheart Academies Trust takes Data Protection and Data Privacy very seriously. We are constantly reviewing our systems and infrastructure in line with the Data Protection Act 2018. Recently, we have restructured our email distributions groups to ensure data can be shared appropriately. This term, pupils have also received some guidance around data protection to help them with their School work.


Phil Cooling

Vice Principal

Safeguarding Snippet - How Apple can help you create better Screen Time habits

From the Ineqe Safeguarding Group:

Once upon a time, our challenge was to get children to stop watching the telly.  Now not only do we struggle with the telly but also with the tablet, phone, gaming console… the list goes on.

Of course, the screen time struggle doesn’t only apply to television or gaming, the Social Media platforms have a huge part to play in our attachment to devices.  Each buzz of our phone, red circle notification and message from a friend give us a chemical zap of dopamine; the feel good neurotransmitter and so, like a drug, we reach to our devices for a hit. No wonder we can feel addicted to our devices.

When Apple released iOS 12, they made a giant leap in supporting families with the release of their new Screen Time feature.  Simply put, they say ‘Screen Time helps you and your family understand and make the most of time spent on devices’.

We know that devices are shared throughout households, so the umbrella-nature of this feature allows families to easily take control of their screen time habits without having to set them on each individual device.

Sounds great, where do I find it?

Make sure your devices are updated to iOS 12. (On your iPhone, iPad or iPod tap Settings > General > Software Update)

Once you’re up-to-date, head back to Settings and you will see a new menu item called ‘Screen Time’. Here you can set your limits and restrictions across all devices linked to your iCloud account, including family members.

Downtime allows you to schedule time away from the screen for all devices linked to your iCloud Account. Access to your phone is always allowed and you can specify other apps to be allowed such as Messages.

You can also set daily App Limits for the time you spend on apps.  For example, if you allow a child to play games for an hour a day, you can set a time limit for 1 hour on games. This timer is reset at midnight and you can set a ‘Screen Time Passcode’ to bypass these restrictions on your own devices.

That’s not all!

Whilst children and young people are becoming more aware of ‘Stranger Danger’ online, they don’t always know how to react when they see something upsetting online.  Within Screen Time, Apple have added ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’, this gives you easy access over how children and young people use the device. Here you can take control over:

  • Installing and Deleting Apps
  • In App Purchases (no more nasty surprises!)
  • Privacy Settings
  • Content Restrictions

What content can I restrict?

These content restrictions allow you to apply child-appropriate restrictions to SiriGame CentreApp Store content and even Web Content. You can go as far as only allowing access to certain websites, unless you enter your screen time passcode.


Mrs Mason

Student Support Manager