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Sir Jonathan North Community College

Sir Jonathan North Community College

Specialist Leaders of Education

Phil Cooling

Phil Cooling is a Specialist Leader of Education, with particular interest in mathematics, curriculum development and data.  He has been the Vice Principal at Sir Jonathan North Community College since January 2016. Prior to that he was the Senior Assistant Principal for curriculum and data. He is an experienced teacher and former Curriculum Team Leader of Mathematics.  Previous to this, Phil was a pastoral team leader in another city secondary school.  He is also a trained Challenge Partners Reviewer. 

Phil is passionate about ensuring that all students acquire the necessary skills required for a successful career and life. He has worked with other colleagues and schools to develop their knowledge and expertise in data analysis, producing action plans and curriculum development. Phil has a pragmatic, yet supportive approach and enjoys working with colleagues to improve their practice.  


Siobhan Evans

Siobhan Evans read Sports Science and English Literature at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa.  She completed her PGCE training in South Africa and then embarked on a year of world travel.  While travelling in the United Kingdom she was offered the opportunity to gain her British QTS at a residential school for students within the autistic spectrum. 

Siobhan is currently Head of School at Sir Jonathan North Community College, having previously been Vice Principal with responsibility for Curriculum.  Prior to that, she was Assistant Principal with responsibility for Key Stage Three and transition.  She is currently responsible for core subject provision, self-review, Information Technology and the day to day running of the college.  She is a trained Challenge Partners Reviewer and Specialist Leader of Education.

Siobhan enjoys supporting team leaders to take an analytical approach to their teams’ performance in order to implement changes that benefit student progress and staff competencies.  She is driven to improve standards so that students’ life chances are enhanced by supporting team leaders to challenge underperformance and encouraging open discussion and planning for measurable improvements.    


Patricia Thompson

Pat is an experienced Assistant Principal at Sir Jonathan North Community College.  She is an expert on teaching and learning and has led in this area to raise standards across the college.  Pat is currently responsible for teaching and learning and CPD.  She has a particular interest in raising standards in STEM subjects.  Pat has also worked as a Science AST at another city secondary school and as part of this role worked with many teachers across Leicester City, supporting leadership and the Science Hub and AST network.

Pat is a trained facilitator for the NPQSL and is passionate about the role of coaching in school improvement.  She is also a trained Challenge Partners Reviewer and Specialist Leader of Education.  Pat is an experienced school governor and enjoys working with primary school leaders to raise outcomes for children.


Caroline Hodgson

Caroline Hodgson is a Specialist Leader of Education, with particular interest in English and Linguistics.  She is currently Curriculum Team Leader for English at Sir Jonathan North Community College.  Prior to this, Caroline was Lead English Teacher for a Multi Academy Trust with responsibility for a number raising standards in English teaching and learning in a number of schools. As a contributor to the Trust’s Teaching School Alliance, she led training sessions in literacy for teachers across the trust. Her ability to understand the tenets of literacy and to communicate these effectively to staff and students comes in no small part from the rigorous training she received as part of her first class degree and Masters in Linguistics.

Caroline has worked in schools requiring improvement as well as outstanding schools. She believes that all young people can learn. It is a concern with social justice, coupled with an optimism that all teachers can make a difference that motivates her to improve the life chances for young people. As a teacher and leader, she is motivated not only by her students’ successes but also their challenges. 


Kevin Waite

Kevin Waite is a Specialist Leader of Education and currently the Lead Teacher for Quality First Teaching at Sir Jonathan North Community College.  Prior to this he was Curriculum Team Leader of English. During this time he oversaw the restructuring of the KS3 and KS4 English and Literature curriculums to successfully enable students to make better than expected progress whilst raising student outcomes for all groups.  The team’s innovative approach and aspiration for all students that they teach has led to outcomes that place them in the top percentile nationally for higher ability students and seventh overall. 

Kevin particularly enjoys supporting team leaders and teaching staff to improve teaching and learning outcomes.  He has supported potential leaders across the college and mentored and coached staff where underperformance has been concern.  Kevin regularly leads CPD sessions across a wide range of subjects and contributes to city Teach Meet sessions.  Kevin’s dynamic style has nurtured a culture of risk taking, teaching and learning and the sharing of best practice across the team and beyond to continue to drive innovation and student outcomes.