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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College

Safeguarding Statement for Visitors

Sir Jonathan North College is committed to the safeguarding of all visitors, staff and students.

Safety Information:          

Designated Safeguarding Leads: Rose Angus, Principal, Lead DSL and Jacky Mason Deputy Lead DSL                         

Health and Safety Manager: Keith Horsted

Duty Fire Officer: Keith Horsted

Safeguarding Concerns

About a child:

Report to the Designated Safeguarding Lead (see above)

About a member of staff:

Report to the Principal Rose Angus

About the Principal:

Report to the Chair of Governors Rev J McGinley (via the clerk Paul Morley)


When you hear the fire alarms, please leave the building by the nearest exit.

The visitor’s assembly point is at the back of the College near the Sports Hall.

First Aid

Contact main reception to call a First Aider if required.


If you notice a safety issue whilst on site, please notify Main Reception or a Premises Officer.

Follow specialist safety guidance in the area that you are visiting (e.g. COSHH).

All contractors should sign in at reception on both the digital system and in the contractors signing in book.

The College is not responsible for loss or damage to visitor’s personal property or vehicles.

This is a no smoking site.


All visitors must sign in and out at reception and show any authorised ID to the receptionist. Visitors must wear the photo ID badge given to them at all times and familiarise themselves with the contents of this leaflet regarding Safeguarding.

When appointments are made, we will always try our best to ensure that we are on time. If visitors are late for their appointment times, then we may have to cancel that appointment.

We will always be polite and respectful in meetings with visitors. It is important that our students do not hear bad language or rudeness from adults. If adults who are visiting the College cannot conduct themselves appropriately in meetings, then the meeting will be stopped and visitors will be asked to leave.

We have high standards of dress for our students and, for example, do not allow them to wear coats or scarves during lesson time. We would like visitors to adhere to reasonable standards of dress when in College too.

Everything we do at Sir Jonathan North is intended to ensure we work together in the best interest of the College and its students.

Our policies and procedures are available on our website: or on request via the main office.