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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College

Information, Advice and Guidance Lessons

Information, Advice and Guidance lessons are designed to help students make well-informed and realistic decisions at key points in their education.

Year 9 Programme of Study

  • Employability Skills
  • My Skills and Qualities
  • Understanding the Options process
  • Use of www.start to help identify personal skills and qualities
  • Understanding Job Adverts
  • Making a successful ‘business’ call to an employer
  • Child Employment Laws
  • Child Workers overseas
  • How the tax system works and issues raised by the current system and spending priorities
  • Employment law
  • Consumerism and Consumer Laws
  • Financial Capability

Year 10 Programme of Study

Students complete a 13 week programme of IAG, and rotate with Health Education and Core PE.

  • Understanding the importance and purpose of CVs, and completing one.
  • Completing research about post-16 options, looking in detail at different post-16 pathways, providers and personal options.
  • Understanding interview techniques, with the opportunity to take part in a mock interview with a local employer.
  • Understanding of employment law, and protected characteristics.