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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College

Film Studies


The Film Studies course introduces the technical aspects of filmmaking and looks in-depth at the whole production of film, from script-stage to finance, marketing and production. The course is aimed at students who are interested in the media and how the film industry works, both in Hollywood and internationally.

The course is a full GCSE and covers all aspects of filmmaking, including:

  • The history of cinema,
  • The preproduction and production of film,
  • The technical aspects of film: sound, editing, camera shots and angles, lighting and visual effects,
  • Genre filmmaking and how conventions have changed over the years,
  • Independent and world cinema.

Film Studies is an academic subject so students study using a mixture of classroom sessions and individual research. The course involves reading widely and writing essays which analyse micro-elements of filmmaking, such as how sound is used in a particular scene, how film is cut together to achieve particular effects and how digital images are created.

Students also learn:

  • A variety of industry-standard techniques from script to filming through to post-production,
  • How to analyse and evaluate the technical aspects of film,
  • How to evaluate films with written reviews,
  • How to produce a short extract of film,
  • Critical thinking skills.

GCSE Programme of Study

Year 10

  • Autumn 1: The History of Cinema
  • Autumn 2: Genre filmmaking. Conventions
  • Spring 1: Genre filmmaking. Focus on two films
  • Spring 2: Genre filmmaking. Focus on two films
  • Summer 1: Scriptwriting
  • Summer 2: Practice papers

Year 11

  • Autumn 1: Marketing, exhibition and distribution of films
  • Autumn 2: Key developments in the film industry
  • Spring 1: Global film
  • Spring 2: Global film
  • Summer 1: Exam revision
  • Summer 2: Practice papers

Useful Resources This website contains pretty-much all the information you need to research particular films, directors and actors. An excellent website which includes financial information regarding the cost of filmmaking and ticket sales.

Top Tips

Encourage your daughter to watch films from a range of genres to understand the differences in style, structure and technique.

Encourage your daughter to listen to a variety of film-music and engage with it by telling you about its composition.

Download the IMDB app and use it to read movie, reviews, and trivia.