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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College

EAL - Support and Provision

Sir Jonathan North prides itself on being a welcoming multicultural and multilingual community. There are students from over 50 countries with over 60 different spoken languages. 50% of the College’s population speak English as an Additional Language. Some of the languages spoken are: Gujarati, Urdu, Arabic, Polish, Italian and Bengali. Most of our bilingual and multilingual students are fluent in their first language but some need additional English Language support. The students’ proficiency in English is determined by a series of assessments in English and in the student’s first language, by  lesson observations and prior learning. 

“ I am happy now that I can speak and understand English. I think this year I worked hard to improve my speaking and reading. I want my writing to be better in the future.”

E. K. Y8 EAL Student

“When I first came here I could only say “Hi, hello.” It was hard. I can speak English now but I still need to work to improve my writing. I like to help other students who are new to school.”

T. M. Y9 EAL student

Following the language assessments, students are offered differentiated support:

EAL classes for students who are “new to English” or “beginners”  

These focus on grammar, vocabulary, reading of fiction and non-fiction texts and writing frames. Some of the resources used are: ‘Racing to English’; ‘Fresh Start’; British Council; a selection of fiction and non-fiction literary texts; bilingual translations of key vocabulary and bespoke resources that support language acquisition.

EAL Club 

Key Stage 3 students who are “new to English” are able to access visual, kinesthetic and auditory strategies to support their English language acquisition.

Additional English Classes

These are for students who have improved their English proficiency but require additional support with writing and reading comprehension.

Functional Skills English Qualifications

The qualifications are from Entry level to Level 1 and Level 2 and are available to KS4 students for whom English is an additional language. This is in preparation for Further Education.

First Language GCSE

This GCSE is an amazing opportunity for EAL students who are literate in their first language. Some of the languages currently offered by the exam board are Arabic, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Urdu, Gujarati and Persian.

Language Café

KS4 students are also invited to attend the Language Café. This intervention focuses on key exam vocabulary and GCSE exam questions.