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Sir Jonathan North College

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Drama delivers creative, challenging and exciting practical lessons. All Drama work covers three components: devising, performing and evaluating. The schemes of work are thematically focused, with students being taught dramatic conventions throughout.

Drama is taught in mixed ability tutor groups. Year 7 and 9 study the subject for half a year in rotation with Dance and Year 8 experience Drama for the entire year.

Drama is a popular subject at Sir Jonathan North. Alongside the curriculum regular lunchtime clubs are offered, culminating in a whole College performance. There are also many opportunities to either visit the theatre or participate in an external workshop to enhance the work in class.

Programme of Study

Year 7

  • Introduction to conventions
  • Granny Project - performance skills focus
  • Fairy Tales - Red Riding Hood script - devising skills focus

Year 8

  • Our Day Out by Willy Russell - Performance skills focus
  • Macbeth Extracts - Performance skills focus
  • Carrie's War - Devising skills focus
  • Musical medley - Cross curricular topic across dance and drama

Year 9

  • Mother of Mine - performance skills focus
  • Devising from a stimulus - taken from the GCSE drama devising exam paper
  • Performing text - using extracts from a GCSE drama script to create a performance piece 


“Being in Year 10 Drama has not only helped me in this subject but in others. I can express my views clearly and my confidence has improved massively.”

Year 10

I’m becoming more independent, yet learning to take others’ views on board.”

Year 10

Drama offers a fantastic practical curriculum to ignite and engage learners’ creativity, passion and interests. It also provides opportunities to understand and create drama as a practical art form in which ideas of meaning are communicated to an audience.

Alongside learning the three key components of devising, performing and evaluation, the GCSE course develops team work and independent learning.

Devising Drama 30% of total GCSE                          

Learners will research, explore a stimulus, work collaboratively and create their own devised piece.

Presenting and performing texts 30% of total GCSE (Visiting examination)                                                                                                                                        

Learners develop, apply theatrical skills in acting or design by presenting a showcase of two extracts from a performance text.

Drama: Performance and response 40% of total GCSE (Written exam paper 1hr 30 minutes) Learners will explore practically a performance text to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of Drama. They will also analyse and evaluate a live performance piece.           

Programme of Study  

Year 10

  • Autumn 1 - Introduction to Drama inc devising, script, staging, lighting, practical exploration
  • Autumn 2 - Introduction to style and genre, Mock component 1
  • Spring 1 - Development of component 1 and practice exam section 2, Introduction to successful devising, Practice reviews
  • Spring 2 - Component 1 (Devising)
  • Summer 1 - Component 1 (Devising)
  • Summer 2 - Mock component 2 (Presenting and performing texts)

Year 11

  • Autumn 1 - Component 2 (Presenting and performing texts)
  • Autumn 2 - Component 2 (Presenting and performing texts)
  • Spring 1 - Exam preparation (Practice papers, theatre reviews and exploration of a text)
  • Spring 2 - Exam preparation (Practice papers, Theatre reviews and exploration of a text)
  • Summer 1 - Exam preparation (Practice papers, Theatre reviews and exploration of a text)
  • Summer 2 - See performance for exam, Summer Exam

Useful Resources

Top Tips

  • Encourage your daughter to watch live theatre. There are many exciting opportunities in Leicester at Curve Theatre and DeMontfort Hall. 
  • If they watch a drama on the television with you, get them to review it. They can consider the following: 
  • Quality of acting- performance skills 
  • Use of design elements- costume, props, setting etc... 
  • How was it structured? 
  • Join a local theatre group. Again Leicester has a variety of Youth Performance groups such as Lemon Jelly, Stage Coach, Curve Young Company and Leicester Theatre Group. Working with a group outside of school will develop your daughter’s performance skills, social skills and give her the opportunity to explore new ways of working. 
  • Talk to them about what they are currently doing in class. Ask them to explain what their drama piece is about and get them to talk you through their process week by week. You can also ask to read their written portfolio as this will help you to understand what they have been doing.