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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College

Year 10 Visit to Nottingham Castle

On Tuesday 14 September and Wednesday 20 September two groups of Year 10 History GCSE students visited Nottingham Castle.

Millie in 10.2 gives her account of the visit:

We had a tour of Mortimer’s Hole (a man-made cave system) and were told many stories about what happened there including how a gas leak and a smoking pipe led to someone’s house being hit by flying limbs! We also walked around the castle grounds and discussed the history of it such as how the castle was a fantastic stronghold and which royalty took residence.

After lunch, we walked to the Ducal Palace (now an art gallery and exhibition). We went into a section of the palace dedicated to the history of the castle. We then went to the art gallery and admired the art from centuries ago.

Overall, the trip to Nottingham Castle was interesting, fun and I found it fascinating that a castle with so much history is so close to me!