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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College

Amber to perform her choreography at the Curve’s ‘Inside Out Festival’

Year 10 GCSE dance student Amber has been selected to perform her choreography at the Curve’s ‘Inside Out Festival’ on Thursday 26 October.

In her application Amber outlined her dance ideas, she stated,  ‘It shows a character re-wiring someone else's brain, which suggests that we are not always in control of the decisions we make, and that our actions are reliant on the actions of others. As humans we are naturally inclined to follow the crowd, and this inclination is only heightened throughout our lifetimes through factors such as peer pressure - society essentially wiring us to be what it defines as "normal". My dance portrays the control that society has on our minds, and the attempts we make to counter this. It's all about control - how much do we really have and how much is defined by others?’

A big well done and good luck to Amber!