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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College

A Step Back In Time

We were delighted to hear from an ex-student Mrs Linda Muxlow who attended Sir Jonathan North in the early 1960’s.  Linda was invited to take a trip down memory lane and share her experiences with us. 

‘My name is Linda Muxlow (nee Overton).  I attended SJN from 1959 to 1964.  As an 11 year old in my new brand new uniform, oversized satchel, sensible shoes and pigtails I was rather overawed by the size of the building compared to my primary school and the 'big girls'.  I travelled with my best friend Deirdre Bamford and also Lynne Cunningham on that day and we were ushered into the hall where Miss Moore, the Head teacher who greeted us and gave us some background on the school.

Prefects, Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl 1964

Classes numbered about 30ish then with rows of wooden desks and chairs.  You had a form teacher but then went off to other classrooms for lessons.  The staff I remember are: Miss Garratt (English my favourite lesson).  She was a lovely teacher and inspired a love of literature and poetry which I still enjoy today.  Mrs McCarthy (maths) who was very strict and scary but a very good teacher and very encouraging.  I remember Mrs Wildman teaching domestic science.  I enjoyed the lessons but not the clearing up afterwards.  The wooden tables had to be scrubbed after use.  There was a bungalow in the grounds and in our last year, girls were expected to cook a full meal and a member of staff had to be invited.

I loved everything about my time at SJN, proudly going on to become Head Girl and Macaulay House Captain.  It gave me a great start educationally and I went on to do a commerce course at Charles Keene College (now Leicester College) and worked in a secretarial capacity for several firms until I had my son in 1971 and my daughter in 1974.  I returned to work after an 8 year gap and became a Classroom Assistant at Belgrave C of E school until the children were older.  I then returned to office work for the Educational Psychology Service and then the Careers Service (now Connexions) until my retirement.  I have now lived happily in Skegness, Lincs for the past 10 years with my second husband of 25 years.’

Linda's Class of 1961