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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College

SJNC Awarded Wellbeing Badge from the Diana Award

SJNC have been awarded a Wellbeing Badge from the Diana Award, an Anti-bullying charity. In order to gain the award the Anti-bullying ambassadors had to demonstrate the work that the college have been doing in terms of creating a safe space for students, the peer mentoring work that takes place, whole school mental health awareness, staff wellbeing and supporting students with low attendance. Below is a quote from the Diana Award After Care Team:

"Thanks so much for sending over your evidence form for the Wellbeing Badge. We’ve reviewed your evidence and we were overwhelmed with how much thought and effort you’ve put into the Wellbeing focused anti-bullying activities. It seems like all of the activities have had a great impact on the wellbeing of students in your school and we really like that you’ve got staff involved in this work!  The quotes were really lovely to read and definitely show that this has had such a good impact on staff. Thank you so much for sharing all this evidence. We’ve really loved looking over it all. Congratulations, we are awarding you the Wellbeing Badge! What a fantastic achievement and a true testament of your hard work as a team."


Mrs Allen
Deputy Student Support Manager