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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College

Latin Readers and Classics for All

Year 7 students were invited to attend the East Midlands Association of Classical Teachers ‘Latin Readers Competition’ for beginners held at Leicester University. After which, they took part in the project ‘Artefact to Art’ organised by the University of Leicester in collaboration with the Classical Association, which aims to explore questions about ancient art and modern creativity. Students considered if ancient artefacts can inspire new works of art and the professors encouraged students to explore the differences between artists in the ancient world and today. Through producing their own piece of art or poetry, students were able to reflect on whether the creative processes of today are different or similar to those of the past.


“When we went to the Latin readers’ competition it was great!  A year eleven group won the Latin readers competition and a woman gave them a huge prize; there was also an Ancient Greek competition which some year nines had won.

After it all had finished, we went to De Montfort Hall to do some Ancient Latin plate art. It was amazing. We met an author of a book of Latin archeology which for us was really fascinating. Finally, when we finished, they gave us a copy of the book each! It was all about ancient Latin temples, tombs and scripts! It was one of the best experiences of my life!!!!

By Phoebe (year 7)


Ms Hodgson

English Team