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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College

Science Poster Competition

On Wednesday 21 November, 11 SJNCC students attended the CSI event at Beauchamp College as a result of producing fantastic posters for the above competition.

Students were given a crime to solve – Mrs Wicken the Associate Principal of Beauchamp College had been murdered.

The crime scene where this heinous crime took place was visited by the students. The students then analysed fibres, fingerprints and soil samples found at the scene. After reading the suspects’ statements the students had to present their findings and decide who was guilty.

The students really enjoyed the day as shown by their comments:


"I really enjoyed the CSI trip because it was fun to work out who murdered Mrs Wicken. Mr Wicken was the murderer because Mrs Wicken ate his sandwich. It was the worst excuse to murder someone!! I loved it."   Anna
"It was fun, I would do it again."  Tiggi
"I loved the CSI trip. Every part of it was a mystery. I really liked it when we did the flame test. I would totally do it again."  Sarah
"Exciting: the murderer who I expected the least!!" Bridget


Science Team