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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College

Candida Gertler OBE and Yves Blais Visit to the College

On Monday 13th November Candida Gertler and Yves Blais came to our college to give a talk to Year 10 students. Candida is the co-founder of Outset, a contemporary arts fund. It helps to produce visual art exhibitions for the public around the world. Candida told us about how the modern arts movement inspired her to start Outset and to create beautiful exhibitions. She also told us about how she went to university and studied law and journalism but ended up doing something completely different! 

Yves is an exhibition curator and is currently working with  DeMonfort university. Each week in November there will be a different exhibition happening at The Gallery at the university.  Our Year 10 art students went on a trip this week to see one of the weekly exhibitions and were given a tour by the curator. This exhibition is part of a group of exhibitions that have been happening all over England!

We really enjoyed having them speak to us and telling us about the visual art world. Here is what some students said:

It was a really good talk which I enjoyed! They were really capturing and interesting people to talk to and their experiences were great to hear about!” - Ishani, Year 10.
I liked the wonderful advice that they gave us for if we wanted to have a future career in an art & design based subject.” - Jean Year 10.