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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College

Inspirational Visit from Barrister Sarah Vine

This week we were visited by top criminal law barrister Sarah Vine. She came to speak to, and inspire, Year 9 students. Sarah specialises in defending people accused of serious crimes and spoke to our students about what the career involves. She discussed how she manages the emotional strain of her job and why is it so important that there are more women and people of different ethnicities represented in her sector. Through talking about her own challenges she was able to show the students that they should always aim high and to not let other people’s opinions hold them back from doing what they want in life.

Sarah was very impressed by our college and its students. She is keen to come back and speak to more students as well as offer practical assistance to students looking to work in law.

Here is what some students said about Sarah and her talk:

‘Her interest in eradicating gender specific jobs helped me realise that no one should be able to stop you from choosing what to do in life’ Sarah- Louise

‘I found the topic of her speech interesting and although I never thought about a career in law, Sarah Vine has inspired me to be more ambitious and I am now considering going into the law industry as a barrister!’ Tawakalt

‘She was very interesting and made me want to aim high in life.’ Stella

‘Sarah’s talk was fascinating as she convinced many of us to follow in her footsteps and become a female barrister. Thank you Sarah for coming to speak to us and for educating us about your career.’ Safa

Miss White