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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College

 My place in Space Masterclass Trip 

On Wednesday 7th March, four year 10 students visited the National Space Centre to take part in a masterclass called My Place in Space to celebrate the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) campaign. We did some activities to determine which jobs would be best for our personality type, which was very interesting. We also solved an A2 physics equation to help with our next task.

After lunch, we took part in a competition against the other three schools to see which design of metals would be best on a shuttle during re-entry back to Earth. With our hard work and team work, our team won. Our design had the most durability against the blow torch.

Throughout the day, East Midlands Today came and interviewed Jasmine and Sia and HRH Princess Anne also came to the Space Centre to see what we were doing. HRH Princess Anne asked us questions about our future and our opinions on engineering and the STEM scheme.

Overall, it was a great day with plenty of interesting activities, learning new things and a royal visit!


Written by: Millie Windram Year 10