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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College

Harry Potter Book Event

Students enjoy a Harry Potter Themed event in the library.

Harry Potter Book night happens every year and is a celebration of reading for enjoyment.  This year’s theme was ‘Fantastic Beasts and where to find them’.  

With the help of staff and the Chemistry Team, Sir Jonathan North had various activities for students to participate in based around the Harry Potter books.

In the library there was a potion making corner where students looked at various herbs and tried to identify them. The Chemistry Team showcased how to make artificial smoke and fumes using dry ice and nitrogen.   There was also an opportunity to try on costumes and to take part in quizzes. 

The students had a fantastic time and commented:

‘I felt electrically charged. I liked the wands, dressing up and guessing the herbs.’ Milly 7.7

‘It was a very nicely decorated corridor and very mysterious. I loved the dressing up part.  Thank you.’ Ayesha 7.9

‘I love Harry Potter and everything to do with it. It was amazing that the library did something like this. It was fun, spontaneous... one of the best events ever at Sir Jonathan North. I LOVE HARRY POTTER.’ Samira 8.7