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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College

Year 8 Basketball Tournament Results

Find out how the Year 8 Teams got on at Rushey Mead this week. 

Team A Report

After a warm up at Rushey Mead Academy, the Sir Jonathan North A team launched into our first game against Moat Community College. With our players moving into spaces and shouting ‘signal’, we received the ball and shot baskets as often as we could, we won our first game, leading by 6 points.

After a quick tactic chat and shooting practice, we went into our game against Crown Hills, this saw perseverance and resilience against tough defenders and speedy attackers. After a nail-biting ten minutes, the result was 12 – 0 to Sir Jonathan North!

After a 10 minute break, we started to play our next game against the Sir Jonathan North B team. This game saw amazing playing from both sides and we finished on 8 - 16 to the A team!

Our last game against Rushey Mead was our best as over the last three matches our attacking and defending had improved and this saw our best score yet.  A staggering 24 – 0!  

A huge well done to all the players in both teams!  

Congratulations to our top scorers: Emma R., Carys, Emma B., and Eve.

By Mira 

Players: Mira, Emma. B, Emma. R, Eve, Faith, Carys and Asha


Team B Report

On Tuesday 28 November 2017 Sir Jonathan North B Team (The Bananas) played against four teams – Rushey Mead, Crown Hills, Moat and Sir Jonathan North A team (The Red Blackberries).

We won against Rushey Mead 6 – 2 but lost against Crown Hills 9 – 0. We then played against Moat and lost 8 – 2. Finally we played against Sir Jonathan North Blackberries and lost 10 – 16 but half of the Blackberries were giants compared to us! Our last game was a much better controlled and skilful game compared to the others.

Overall we had a great time.

By Gurleen and Zoha  

Players: Gurleen, Zoha, Jes, Rachel, Zoya, Emma and Daniela