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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College

Year 8 By Invitation Only…Hip Hop Workshop

Twenty five Year 8 Dance students were selected to participate in a Hip Hop workshop lead by Dance Leader Faride at CDCA Academy in Leicester.

Students participated in a fun upbeat warm up and developed a challenging routine in a Hip Hop style. They were encouraged to put their own individuality into the routine and given positive feedback to help them to improve their timing and confidence in Dance.

Angeline (8.6) reflected, ‘I really enjoyed the session because I got to work with other students who are not in my form and the moves were really challenging!’

Millie (8.7) said, ‘I really like the Hip Hop style and I was really excited as it was my first time to be selected for an extra dance session!’

Following on from the session students were offered an opportunity to attend additional classes at the Academy in Leicester and they will also lead their peers this half term in Dance, to pass on their new skills.

Curtesha Matthew

Deputy Team Leader, Expressive Arts