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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College

School Games - West Area Indoor Athletics Competition

Year 7 and 8 travelled to Fullhurst on Thursday 2 November 2017 for an athletics meet. 

We arrived at Fullhurst and launched straight into our field events. Both teams A and B did amazingly well, with many beating their personal bests.  With the field events having been completed, we started to prepare for our track events. Both Year 7 and Year 8 did brilliantly in all the events in the track, and all of our long distance runners paced themselves incredibly well.  With all the track finished we waited for the results.

They were spectacular! The Year 7 B team came second and the Year 7 A team came first. The same went for the Years 8 teams: the B team second and the A team first. Well done to all the students who competed, the scores were amazing!

Year 7 Winners

Year 8 Winners

Year 7 Squad  - Isobel 7.2, Lucy 7.4, Erin 7.4, Scarlett 7.4, Rosa 7.7, Laura 7.5, Holly 7.9, Natalia 7.8, Chloe 7.5, Jasmin 7.4, Mia 7.3, Izzy 7.2, Betty 7.6, Chela 7.4

Year 8 Squad –Faith 8.1, Emma 8.4, Daniela 8.8, Nadia  8.7, Emma 8.8, Eve 8.4, Latayhah 8.7, Hanifah 8.2, Rachel 8.4, Mira  8.4, Angeline 8.6, Aliyah 8.4

By Mira 8.4