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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College

Curve Theatre Inside Out Dance Festival

Year 10 dancers impress with their creative choreography at Curves Inside Out Dance Festival.

On Friday 27 October Amber, Beatrice and Amy performed at Curve's Inside Out Festival.

They were selected for their creativity in dance and received artistic support and guidance from Mel Knott, Head of Learning at Curve.

Amber developed her choreography based on mind control and how society can affect our thoughts and decisions. She decided to add Beatrice into the piece as a duet to portray her theme more effectively.

Amy's choreography was based on body image and she used a handbag as a prop to link into her idea. Amy’s choreography told a story and she used various dynamics to explore the emotions behind the character.

Mel Knott said that she was very impressed with the quality of their work and would like to offer them further opportunities to support their progression in the dance community.

A big well done for all their amazing work! What an achievement! 

Miss Matthew

Deputy Team Leader Expressive Arts