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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College

Y8 Netball Match Reports

Year 8 have played several matches.  Find out how they got on below.

The team arrived in Coalville with only 10 minutes to warm up. Newbridge received the first centre pass in the first quarter. The defence on both sides was spectacular and, with great attackers on both sides, the score for the first 10 minutes was 2 - 1 to Newbridge. In the second quarter Sir Jonathan North intercepted more balls and the attackers moved into more spaces, finishing 6 - 5 to Sir Jonathan North.

The third quarter was full of suspense with Newbridge leading 7 - 9. With only 10 minutes left, the adrenaline was running high and Newbridge were leading by 2 points.  After the last nail-biting quarter, the score, was taken to 10 all.

With a dramatic turn of events, we had to play two 5 minutes of extra time. Sir Jonathan North scored three goals while Newbridge shot one goal taking the score to 14 - 12. With five minutes left the attackers of Newbridge scored three goals while Sir Jonathan North scored one. This took the score to another tie: 15 all! There had to be a penalty shoot-out, so the Goal Attack and Goal Shooter from both sides took their positions...

Our shooters shot one and missed (although it was very close).  Newbridge also shot one and missed one. Sir Jonathan North missed their next penalty but Newbridge‘s Goal Shooter shot and scored.

This took the final score to 17 - 16 to Newbridge.

Congratulations to Emma for receiving girl of the game.

By Mira

Players: Mira, Emma, Alex, Faith, Carys, Jayna, Emma, Rachel and Eve


On Tuesday 31 October the team travelled to Soar Valley for another match. 

We arrived at Soar Valley at 3.30 pm and after a quick warm up we launched straight into our first match against English Martyrs. It was a great start and with accurate scoring and close defending, we beat them 11 - 2. The next match was against Rushey Mead. We knew from past experience that they were a strong team, but with everyone playing their best and some more really good defending we managed to beat them 10 - 3!  Our final match was against Leicester High, and despite not scoring as many goals as in our previous matches, we still managed to end the match ahead by 5 goals. Everyone played brilliantly and it was a fantastic result. Congratulations to Carys for receiving Girl of the Tournament.
By Emma and Rachel

Team: Emma 8.4 (captain), Rachel 8.4, Mira 8.4, Eve 8.4, Emma 8.8, Zarina 8.3, Faith 8.1, Carys 8.1, Jayna 8.1 and Alex 8.1