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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College

Anti Hate Conference

Last term Peer Mentors and the Student Council Executive went along to the Anti Hate Conference. 

On 13 October two members of the Student Council Executive and a peer mentor attended a Anti-Hate Conference.  The conference was very informative and gave Peer Mentors and School Council Executives an insight into what hate crimes are and how they can affect people all around the world.  In Leicester alone, there were 967 race incidents reported last year. 

Education is important .  If people don’t know this is happening in the community, we need to make them aware of hate crimes and how they affect people.

One important issue about hate crime that we need to be aware of is disabilities as not everyone takes this into consideration. You can’t see all disabilities so being patient and considerate to all people is key! We as a school need to stay unified and spread awareness.

We enjoyed being able to speak to various people who were in different situations.  This was informative because we were able to talk to many people with different issues.

We also enjoyed learning about how to tackle hate crimes in our community. 

Emily and Sia, Members of the Student Council Executive and Eve, Peer Mentor