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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College

Tycoon in Schools - Year 10 Business

Year 10 business students have been getting a taste of what it’s like to set up a business by taking part in the ‘Tycoon in Schools’ project run by the Peter Jones Foundation.

The groups have submitted a business plan and applied for loans totalling £1084 from the foundation. Students will receive the money on Monday 30 October and will run a business for six weeks. This will give them experience of creating products to sell to the public and help them to develop organisational and selling skills during the process.

We wish them luck over the next six weeks and will update you on their progress.   Their business proposals are below:



 Our products are cupcakes, brownies and mug cakes.  We are dedicated to creating a product which is enjoyable for all ages.  We will be using many skills such as interpretation, passion and team work. 

Our product “Pamper Hamper” is a hamper with a selection of bath products and cosmetics all to pamper yourself. We believe everyone should be given some time to sit and relax. Our product will attract all ages as we’ve got a hamper for all ages! Our specific target market is last minute gift shoppers as we are hoping to sell before Christmas. The unique selling point of our product is that it has a variety of products inside to suit everybody.  It is a great idea, because it catches the attention of the public who are struggling to find an ideal gift for their loved ones. 

The Sweet Co

The product will be marketing is sweet cones containing sweets like millions, haribos, smarties, flying saucers and lollipops. We will be selling our product at school and at weekends.