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Sir Jonathan North College

Sir Jonathan North College


Sir Jonathan North welcomes all feedback from parents and carers to ensure that the education and service provided meet the needs of all students.

After every Parents’ Evening, parents and carers are encouraged to complete the paper questionnaire given to them.

What our parents say:

  • 'Your college is one of the best in Leicester. The values and the ethos promoted are exceptional'.  Year 11 parent
  • 'We cannot put into words how much we appreciate the immense kindness and support shown to our daughter. Thank you'.  Year 11 parent
  • 'I think the support in year 11 has been excellent. The college have communicated well when required on any queries I have had and we have made excellent action plans'.    Year 11 parent
  • 'Excellent teachers and staff, very supportive and friendly'.   Year 11 parent
  • 'The support my daughter has received alongside the progress she has made is outstanding'.  Year 11 parent
  • 'Very impressed with all elements of teaching, resources available, extra-curricular activities and experiences outside of school – French trip – brilliant. Well organised and an invaluable experienced for my daughter. Well done all. Thank you'.  Year 9 parent
  • 'We are delighted with the progress that our daughter has made. We are also pleased with the number of opportunities she has outside of the classroom'.  Year 9 parent
  • 'She seems to have settled in very well and she’s enjoying every second of it'.  Year 7 parent
  • 'I feel my daughter has excelled since beginning at this school'.  Year 7 parent
  • 'I’m always kept up to date with information via the newsletter, email and text message'.  Year 7 parent
  • 'Very happy so far, pleased with her success and very proud of her and credit goes to all the teachers working hard and a very organised school'.   Year 7 parent

Feedback from Year 7 Parents' Evening 4 April 2019

  • 84% of parents said that they received valuable information from the college about their child's progress
  • 88% of parents felt their child was taught well
  • 85% of parents said their child was well looked after at the college 
  • 89% of parents felt that the college keeps their child safe 

Feedback from Year 8 Parents' Evenings 14 March 2019

  • 94% of parents said that their child was making good progress
  • 100% of parents said that their child is taught well
  • 98% of parents said their child is happy at the college and feels safe 
  • 94% of parents felt their child has been set regular homework

Feedback from Year 9 Parents' Evening 31 January 2019

  • 95% agreed that the progress check provided useful information about their child's progress in each subject area
  • 95% of parents said their child is taught well at college 
  • 93% say they receive valuable information about their child's progress
  • 95% of parents said their child is happy and feels safe at college 

Feedback from Year 10 Parents’ Evening 28 February 2019

  • 95% of parents said the college is well lead and managed 
  • 98% of parents would recommend the college to another parent 
  • 99% of parents said that their child was taught well at college 
  • 93% of parents agreed that their child was making good progress 

 Feedback from Year 11 Parents’ Evening 17 January 2019

  • 97% of parents agreed that the college is supporting their child as they approached their GCSE exams
  • 97% of parents felt that they were well informed regarding key events during Year 11
  • 94% of parents felt that the College informed them well regarding the choices and support available to their daughter after leaving Sir Jonathan North
  • 97% of parents agreed that their daughter had the opportunity to be involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities.


Thank you to all parents/carers who completed our questionnaire last term to give us feedback about how well the College is doing.  Overall, responses have been very positive:

85% of parents agree their child is happy at college

94% of parents agree their child feels safe at college

93% of parents agree that their child makes good progress at college

87% of parents agree that their child is well looked after at college

92% of parents agree that their child receives appropriate homework for their age

87% of parents agree that the college makes sure that students are well behaved

82% of parents agree that the college deals effectively with bullying

86% of parents agree that the college is well led and managed

83% of parents agree the college responds well to any concerns they raise

83% of parents agree that they receive valuable information from the school about their child's progress

91% of parents would recommend Sir Jonathan North to another parent 

Thank you again for taking the time to give us your views.  Your feedback is invaluable in helping us to evaluate and improve our practice.


Parent View is a government website that asks the opinions of parents and carers on twelve aspects of their child’s schooling and five aspects of their child’s welfare. These range from the quality of teaching, to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour. It is an opportunity to give feedback in a confidential way to the College and can also be used in an Ofsted inspection. The government will use the information provided when making decisions about which schools to inspect, and when.

All feedback allows Sir Jonathan North to improve its practices and teaching to benefit all students.

To give your views visit ParentView and register. Search for Sir Jonathan North College LE2 6FU and select the correct establishment.

The questionnaire asks for a response ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree and will not take more than a few minutes to complete.